Lake County DUI Arrests Down 42% Since 2007

According to data from the Illinois Secretary of State, since 2007 DUI arrests in Lake County are down 42% and state-wide 28%. The decrease in DUI arrests in Lake County has inevitably resulted in a lower number of DUI prosecutions. According to data from the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, there has been a 39% decrease in misdemeanor DUI cases and 45% decrease in felony DUI cases over the last five years. During this same period of time, the number of BAIID devices installed in Lake County has more than quadrupled in Lake County and more than tripled throughout Illinois according to the Illinois Secretary of State.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office made 350 DUI arrests in 2012 and are projected to make 360 arrests in 2013. According to Sheriff Mark Curran, this increase is based on a greater number of officers on the road. This number does not reflect any decrease in arrests by local police departments or the Illinois State Police. The decrease in DUI arrests has been attributed to several factors including stricter DUI laws, increased education, and the high costs associated with a DUI charge.

DUI figures show less drinking and driving in Lake County,, May 21, 2013

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