Police Body Cameras Coming to Chicago

In the wake of highly publicized shootings by police officers across the country, there has been an increased focus on body cameras as a way to visually monitor police actions.

The Chicago Police Department has announced that Chicago police will begin wearing body cameras within two weeks, as part of a two-month pilot program. Taser International, Inc., is providing the cameras at no cost to the city or police department. The officers working the afternoon shift in the Northwest Side’s Shakespeare District, which includes parts of Logan Square, West Town, and Humboldt Park will wear the 30 cameras either on their headgear, glasses or clothing.

While the cameras will be turned on during “high-risk situations,” the officers will also turn the cameras on during DUI stops and foot and vehicle pursuits. The Chicago police officers will be required to inform individuals they come in contact with that they are being recorded.

The hope is that these “body cameras will strengthen police and community relations,” Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said.

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