Support SB1996 Providing Relief from Illinois’ Lifetime Revocation Law

I would urge those who are so inclined to contact your state representatives and senators and urge them to support SB1996, allowing a second chance to those burdened with a lifetime revocation of their driver’s license in Illinois. While we have assisted the sponsor, Rep. Elaine Nekritz, with the drafting of the bill and certain technical issues, Rep. Nekritz has, through sheer will and determination, created sufficient momentum where the bill for the first time, after prior years attempts, has a chance of passage.

This legislation will only provide an opportunity for those who currently face a lifetime revocation to convince the Secretary of State that they are deserving of another chance. It is NOT a free or automatic pass to return to the road. It still requires a minimum wait time of five years, a period of abstinence/sobriety, an alcohol/drug evaluation and treatment as well as a formal administrative hearing. It DOES NOT provide for full reinstatement, it only provides for hardship relief allowing, for example, a return to gainful employment.

It provides one chance at relief. If you mess up, you ARE done for life. It is consistent with the concept of rehabilitative justice rather than being simply retributive and ignorant of the fact that certain individuals can change and deserve the opportunity to be productive citizens. It gives such individuals who would otherwise be inclined to drive illegally in order to work and support themselves and their families a different option.

We believe it is a well-considered and thought out piece of legislation deserving of passage.

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