Thanksgiving Eve “No Refusal” Event Nets 14 Arrests in Kane County

A “No Refusal” event recently took place in Kane County on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. According to State’s Attorney, Joe McMahon, the event resulted in the participation of 17 agencies with 14 DUI arrests. A similar event was held the weekend before Halloween and resulted in only 4 arrests. These “No Refusal” events are announced in advance and roadside checkpoints are set up to randomly test drivers. If a driver is arrested and refuses to take a breath test, prosecutors are on call to work with police to obtain a search warrant for a chemical test (breath or blood).

During this most recent “No Refusal” event, one individual refused a chemical test after the issuance of a warrant and was ultimately charged with felony obstruction of justice. Two other individuals initially refused tests, but after warrants were obtained, one took a breath test and one had blood drawn.

14 arrested in pre-Thanksgiving DUI crackdown in Kane County,, December 4, 2012

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