Experts Testify to BAC Level in Fatal Chicago DUI

Drew Forquer, a former dentist, was arrested for his fifth DUI in August of 2008. He was involved in a crash that resulted in the death of Jeff Bondy, 47. Bondy was driving his Harley Davidson motorcycle and fell victim to Forquer’s wide left turn. Forquer attempted to back off of Bondy, but was unable to move his car. While Forquer allegedly admitted to drinking two beers prior to driving, he told the police officer that the motorcycle had hit his car.

A Breathalyzer test was given to Forquer almost four hours after the wreck and registered a .045 percent. This Breathalyzer test has become the point of contention between the prosecution and defense attorneys. While the prosecution’s witness estimates Forquer’s BAC to have been between .084 and .123 percent at the time of the crash, the defense’s expert witness claims that, because of Forquer’s liver disease and alcoholism, his metabolism would be slowed, and his BAC would have been slightly below the legal limit.

Forquer’s defense attorney asked the judge at the Cook County Criminal Courts Building to aquit Forquer due to the immense amount of variables that can create an inaccurate BAC in cases such as this. This motion was denied.

DUI case against ex-dentist focuses on blood-alcohol evidence,, June 16, 2011

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