400 West Superior St.

The City of Chicago holds Administrative Hearings for various municipal ordinance violations at 400 West Superior Street. An Administrative Law Judge presides over the hearings and city prosecutors are present. You have the right to hire a lawyer to represent your interests at these hearings. The attorneys at The Davis Law Group, P.C. regularly represent clients facing municipal ordinance violations at 400 W. Superior St.

Our attorneys represent corporations facing a wide variety of business offenses under the Municipal Code of Chicago at 400 W. Superior Street. It is important to note that as of March 31, 2014, corporations must be represented by a licensed attorney before the Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings (see Stone Street Partners, LLC v. The City of Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings, 2014 IL App (1st) 123654).

Certain alcohol-related offenses (i.e. open container) and traffic violations (i.e. limousine, chauffeur, and taxi-related citations) are also heard at 400 W. Superior Street.

In addition, our attorneys frequently represent commercial truck drivers and their employers facing Chicago overweight violations at 400 W. Superior St. Appearing in court can be a hardship for many CDL holders due to the additional time off of the road. Our attorneys offer reliable representation and may alleviate the need for a driver or company representative to appear in court for an overweight violation. We are able to negotiate fines with the city and, whenever possible, challenge improperly issued citations.

You may have received an Administrative Notice of Ordinance Violation directly from a police officer or one may have been mailed to you. You may have the option to pre-pay certain citations, but it is not always in your best interest to do so. Typically, if the ordinance violation is not listed on the back of your ticket with a pre-payment option, you must appear for an adminstrative hearing on the date and time as shown. Fine ranges are set by Chicago City municipal ordinance.

Having an attorney present to handle your Chicago ordinance violation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case and may be required, as discussed above. There are various procedures a police officer must follow in order to issue a valid ordinance violation. Our attorneys represent clients on a wide variety of municipal ordinance violations at 400 W. Superior St. and throughout the Chicagoland area. Feel free to contact our office to discuss your case.

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Mr. Brandon Davis, THANK YOU for everything you did! I know you are a busy man. You far exceeded our expectations! I am so glad my wife went with her "gut". God Bless you. Again, thank you Brandon. GOD BLESS.
Just wanted you to know all was completed today. Thank you very much for your efforts to allow me to obtain my driving privileges once again. This has been a stress reliever to say the least. Thank you again for your efforts and I will be sure to recommend you in the future.
K. L.
Hi Brandon, Thank you again so much for everything. You made that whole situation nearly painless. I sincerely hope I never require your services again but I will definitely recommend you to anyone who does. All the best.