Professional License Defense

The professional license defense attorneys at The Davis Law Group, P.C. defend professionals against investigations by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Our lawyers work to safeguard those who possess a professional license in the State of Illinois. We understand that a threat to your hard-earned professional license is a threat to your career, livelihood and personal life.

The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation regulates licenses for most of the professional and financial institutions in Illinois, including health care professionals (i.e. doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians), real estate brokers, accountants and banks. Specifically, the IDFPR oversees over 240 Illinois professional licenses. The role of the Department is to issue professional licenses and oversee and investigate consumer complaints.

The IDFPR has two physical locations in Illinois. Our attorneys represent clients at the James R. Thompson Center located at 100 West Randolph (9th Floor) in Chicago. The Department also has a second location in Springfield.

The complaint and investigation process through the Department of Financial & Professional Regulation depends on the type of license possessed. Generally, however, when a complaint is investigated, the license holder will be subjected to an informal hearing or a formal evidentiary hearing.

At an informal hearing, the licensee is granted an opportunity to address the allegations. The parties present at the hearing include the licensee and their attorney, a member of the disciplinary board, and an attorney for the Department. The licensee will be questioned by the attorneys present, after which a decision will be made to close the case, continue the case for a formal hearing, or issue a consent order, which determines whether the licensee will receive any disciplinary recourse.

Compared to an informal hearing, the formal hearing process begins with a filed complaint that details the exact misconduct alleged against the licensee. The Department then notifies the licensee of an opportunity to file a written answer addressing the allegations in the complaint. Filing a response is a critical action for the licensee because failing to do so can be considered an admission to the allegations.

At the actual formal hearing, the Department will present the results of its’ investigation to an administrative judge. The licensee, now called a “respondent”, will present his/her defense through live witness testimony and evidence presentation. The burden of proof at the hearing is on the Department to present a “clear and convincing” case that a violation has occurred. Since the hearing is governed by Illinois evidentiary rules, it is in the best interest for the licensee to have proper legal representation.

As it is highly advisable to have your attorney involved through every step of the process, which is why we are here to provide a free initial consultation. Ensuring that your case is handled properly from the start will help increase the chances of a favorable result and, in turn, greatly reduce the anxiety you may feel during this process. Our attorneys will evaluate your case, determine the best course of action, and lay out our strategy.

If you are facing disciplinary action by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, contact the attorneys at The Davis Law Group, P.C. to discuss your case. Our knowledgeable professional license defense lawyers look forward to speaking with you.

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