CDL Traffic Tickets, Skokie/Old Orchard Courthouse

The traffic attorneys at The Davis Law Group, P.C. represent CDL holders charged with traffic violations at the Skokie Courthouse located at 5600 Old Orchard Road in Skokie, Illinois. This location, often referred to as the Old Orchard Courthouse or Second Municipal District Courthouse, is one of five suburban courthouses located in Cook County.

We understand the severe personal and professional consequences faced by a CDL holder who has been issued a traffic citation. Traffic tickets such as Speeding, Improper Lane Usage, Traffic Accident Offenses (i.e. Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident), Following too Closely, and Cell Phone violations all must be handled appropriately. Often, these offenses must be amended and reduced to non-moving violations (i.e. Defective Windshield or Loud Muffler) or dismissed to prevent a public record of the offense. Moving violations carry potential CDL consequences such as suspension or disqualification. Keeping your MVR clean is our top priority.

Our attorneys understand that appearing in court can be a hardship for local, regional and over-the-road truck drivers. In these instances, we will take steps to try to avoid the need for these individuals to travel long distances for a court appearance.

If you hold a commercial driver’s license and have been charged with a traffic offense in Cook, Lake or DuPage Counties, feel free to contact our attorneys to discuss your case. The Skokie attorneys at the The Davis Law Group, P.C. have decades of experience representing clients on CDL-related charges.

Client Reviews
Mr. Brandon Davis, THANK YOU for everything you did! I know you are a busy man. You far exceeded our expectations! I am so glad my wife went with her "gut". God Bless you. Again, thank you Brandon. GOD BLESS.
Just wanted you to know all was completed today. Thank you very much for your efforts to allow me to obtain my driving privileges once again. This has been a stress reliever to say the least. Thank you again for your efforts and I will be sure to recommend you in the future.
K. L.
Hi Brandon, Thank you again so much for everything. You made that whole situation nearly painless. I sincerely hope I never require your services again but I will definitely recommend you to anyone who does. All the best.