Can I Remove a Traffic Accident from my Illinois Driving Record?

Removing a traffic accident entry from your Illinois driving record may be possible. However, there are a number of questions to consider in order to determine your options. Most importantly we must know:

  • Were you issued a traffic ticket at the time of the accident?
    • If so, what was the result:
      • Plea of guilty
      • Finding of guilty after trial 
      • Finding of not guilty after trial
      • Dismissed
      • Failure to appear in court
      • Failure to pay
  • Were there injuries to yourself or any other party involved in the accident?

If you were issued a traffic accident ticket that was never paid or resolved in court, it may be possible to file a motion to reopen the case. If you were issued a ticket that was dismissed or if you were found not guilty in court but the notation of the accident still appears on your Illinois driving record, it may be possible to challenge or remove the offense from your driving record with the Illinois Secretary of State.

Our Chicago attorneys can review your driving record and determine the best course of action. In some cases, we may be able to assist in removing traffic accident entries from your record. We understand that any negative marks on your driving record can impact your insurance and have serious implications for professionals such as CDL holders and rideshare drivers. Contact our traffic lawyers today for a free initial consultation.