Chicago Alderman Sues Cops Over DUI Arrest

Chicago Alderman Sharon Dixon (24th) is suing three Chicago police officers for her DUI arrest in 2009. The arrest took place on January 20, 2009, the same day as President Obama’s inauguration. Dixon claims she drank a couple of glasses of wine at a friend’s house in Evanston and was pulled over by Chicago police on Sheridan Road. Officers had set up a roadblock in an effort to control traffic in the proximity of a fatal Rogers Park fire. Dixon claims that she attempted to explain her confusion when she saw the roadblock but the officers became angry and agitated. She believes the officers were offended at her request for their badge numbers.

The officers claim that Dixon smelled like alcohol and failed field sobriety tests after a 30 minute argument. She was arrested and refused the Breathalyzer test. Dixon further claims she spent seven hours hand cuffed to a wall at a North Side police station and police waited until the press had arrived before they would release her.

In February of last year, a judge found that no probable cause existed for Dixon’s DUI arrest and the charges were later dropped. Dixon pleaded guilty to obstruction of traffic and was fined $200. Dixon’s attorney explained that serious damage was done to her reputation and is seeking a large amount of money in damages. She claims that the press was only present when she was arrested but not when he case was ultimately dismissed.

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