Chicago Cop Allegedly Makes Phony 911 Call to Avoid DUI Stop

Sean Patrick Dailey, 33, a Chicago police officer was stopped for speeding and running a red light in November of 2010 in Niles. The Niles officer believed Dailey could be intoxicated and tried to cut the off-duty officer a break by letting him call a taxi for a ride home. Instead of calling a taxi, Dailey allegedly called 911 from a nearby motel and falsely reported a bar fight involving 50 people at a local bar. The Niles officer, who was watching from outside the motel, was dispatched to the bar. However, while en route to the bar, he learned on his radio that there was no such altercation at the bar. Upon returning to the motel, the officer found that Dailey and his car were gone. Reportedly, the calls to 911 were later traced to Dailey’s cell phone.

Over 10 months after this initial incident, Dailey was arrested for DUI in Niles. With a reported BAC of .14, he was sentenced to court supervision after pleading guilty. Niles police reported the 2010 incident to the Chicago police last March and an investigation was conducted. Dailey was relieved of his police powers and assigned to an administrative position. He is now charged with felony disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report. Dailey was releassed on $10,000 bond and faces up to 3 years in prison if convicted.

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