Chicago Speed Camera Contract Finalized

A five-year contract to install speed cameras in Chicago was finalized by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration last week. The $67 million contract allows the installation of up to 300 cameras designed to catch speeders around city schools and parks. As few as 50 locations could be in operation this year due to a slow rollout. According to a city spokesman, cameras may be installed as early as August and speed camera tickets may be issued as early as September. Emanuel projects $15 million in revenue this year. The cameras are permitted by city ordinance to be installed within one-eighth of a mile of city schools and parks. However, in effect, the cameras could cover roughly half of the city.

The contract the city may buy or lease each $98,000 camera system from American Traffic Solutions, Inc. The city’s intent is to lease the systems, and pay ATS $3,750 a month to maintain and operate each camera. The purchase option would result in a $2,900 per month fee. The contract includes three two-year extension options.

Speed camera tickets may start in September,, July 18, 2013

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