Naperville Dentist with Prior DUI Involved in Fatal Crash

William Anthony Howe was driving a Porsche the wrong-way on Interstate 88 when he struck a vehicle killing a woman and her father and seriously injuring her husband.

Howe remains hospitalized. He has not yet been charged with the crash or been confirmed as the driver. However, witnesses reported he was swerving all over the road and throwing handfuls of cash out the window.

The victims of the crash, Farnaza Ali and her father, Sherali Shalwani, were both killed. Ali’s husband was hospitalized in critical condition.

Howe has been a licensed dentist since 1993. He filed for bankruptcy several years ago, was divorced in 2003, and his Naperville home is in foreclosure.

Howe was convicted in DuPage County in 2010 for having open alcohol in his vehicle. He was also arrested in Naperville in 2008 for driving under the influence of drugs, having expired plates, failure to signal and passing in a no passing zone – three of those charges were dropped.

Naperville dentist with DUI history caused fatal Porsche crash, police say,, August 10, 2011

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