Former Mt. Prospect School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty to DUI

Betty Burden, a former Mt. Prospect school bus driver pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI on Wednesday at the Rolling Meadows courthouse. Burden admitted in court that she was intoxicated when she drove students home from school last spring.

Burden had maintained her innocence since her arrest. Police claim she failed a field sobriety test and showed a BAC of .226, almost three times the legal limit. Burden as well as her supervisor have been fired from Mt. Prospect School District 57. She faces probation or up to three years in prison. She will be sentenced January 26th at Rolling Meadows.

Ex-Mount Prospect school bus driver guilty of DUI,, January 5, 2011
School Bus Driver Betty Burden Pleads Guilty to DUI While Kids on Board,, January 5, 2011

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