How long do I have to drive with a BAIID after a DUI conviction?

Drivers who have been revoked for DUI in Illinois often ask our driver’s license attorneys how long they are required to drive on a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (“BAIID”) or whether they are required to have a BAIID at all.

Drivers who have one DUI revocation and do not have a prior suspension from a previous DUI (as a result of failing a test or refusing testing) are not required to have a BAIID device installed on their vehicle. On the other hand, driver’s who have one DUI revocation and have also lost their license due to a suspension on a prior DUI are required to have a BAIID device installed on their vehicle as a condition of obtaining a restricted driving permit (“RDP”). The driver must then drive on the RDP with the BAIID for 75% of the period it is issued before the Secretary of State will consider full reinstatement.

An Illinois resident with 2 or 3 DUI convictions must drive with a BAIID for a period of 5-years before they can be considered for full reinstatement (regardless of their ‘reinstatement eligibility date’).

Our Illinois driver’s license attorneys are often asked how a driver with 2 or more DUI convictions, who is required to drive with an RDP and BAIID installed on their vehicle for 5-years, can eventually obtain full reinstatement of their driving privileges, if they do not otherwise first qualify for an RDP under the “categories” for which an RDP may be issued.

Under the law, driving permits may only be issued for employment, educational, child car, elder care, medical or family education purposes. A driver in this situation may be a person who is retired or disabled and has no need to drive for the above reasons.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has decided to address this issue by creating what is known as a ‘BAIID Required RDP’. This permit will allow the person to drive for any purpose up to 5-days per week, 8-hours per day and within a 200-mile radius.

Applicants for this type of permit should be aware that they still must be approved after an administrative hearing before the Secretary of State. This type of permit is NOT available for those who have a need to drive for one of the reasons stated above (i.e., employment, educational, medical, child/elder care or family education).

Those who would otherwise be required to have an RDP BAIID for 5-years and who are eligible for reinstatement may still be able to obtain full reinstatement if they have moved and established out-of-state residency.

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