Illinois’ Medical Marijuana Dispensaries High Barriers to Entry

Illinois passed a bill in August legalizing medical marijuana and dispensaries are expected to open in 2015. Illinois will issue permits for 60 dispensaries throughout the state, a relatively low number of permits compared to other states. Aside from heavy competition, strict regulations and high costs are going to make it extremely difficult to survive the application process and enter the market. Applicants must have $400,000 in liquid assets, and upfront costs are expected to run approximately $60,000 including application fees, legal costs and consultants.

The applicant is also required to go through a fingerprint background check, full disclosure of previous bankruptcy, defaults on student loans, child support or alimony, and prior tax returns. Applicants must also submit a plan for all aspects of their business including patient education, security measures, and design.

Want to open a marijuana dispensary in Illinois? It will cost you,, May 13, 2014

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