Illinois Tollway Offers Online Dispute of Toll Violations

The Illinois tollway announced today that it will offer drivers the ability to check images of license plates and dispute tollway fines online. If you receive a violation notice, there is now a way to verify that it was your vehicle that missed the toll. now has a feature that allows users to determine whether the violation was proper issued.

The Illinois tollway generates violations after three missed tolls in a two-year period. After review, a driver may dispute a mistake citing either “plate incorrect” or “missing image.” The Illinois State Roll Highway Authority will review these disputes and send decisions via email. This procedure saves a considerable amount of time from the old process.

During a test period in March, almost 900 drivers viewed license plate images using the new feature. Forty disputes were filed through the website during this timeframe.

It’s easier to see if toll violations are bona fide,, April 25, 2011

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