New Illinois Traffic Laws (Mid-Year 2020)

There are several new Illinois traffic laws that have taken effect recently, which all drivers should be aware of:

Texting while Driving Resulting in Injuries

This law became effective on July 1st, 2020 and provides that drivers who text while driving resulting in great bodily harm, permanent disability of disfigurement to another person are subject to a license suspension of 12 months and a minimum fine of $1,000.00.

Right of Way at Pedestrian in Crosswalk

This law also became effective on July 1st, 2020 and states that a driver who fails to yield the right of way at a crosswalk resulting in a serious injury to another, faces a license suspension for a period of 12 months. A serious injury includes broken bones, severe bleeding or injuries that require the victim to be carried from the scene for medical care.

Smoking in a Vehicle with a Minor Present 

Beginning June 1st, 2020 it is illegal to smoke in a vehicle with a minor present regardless of whether the vehicle is moving and has its windows down. A first offense carries a fine of not more than $100.00 and a 2nd or subsequent offense carries a maximum fine of not more than $250.00. It should be noted that a police officer may not stop a vehicle solely for this offense, but may only write a ticket for this after stopping the vehicle for a different violation.

Illinois Traffic Attorneys

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