Tennis Instructor Arrested for DUI Blows 0.0, Sues Naperville

Glen Ellyn tennis instructor David Briddle was arrested for DUI Memorial Day weekend in Naperville. Briddle, 52, blew 0.0 on a Breathalyzer test, and after being fingerprinted and taking a mug shot, he was released without charges. The Naperville police department then provided information on the arrest to a local newspaper. Briddle is now suing the Naperville police department and Naperville Police Officer Timothy Curran in federal court claiming that he was defamed and falsely arrested.

Naperville has more DUI arrests than any city in Illinois excluding Chicago. And since it was Memorial Day weekend, there is suspicion that there was extra pressure to make DUI arrests. Sgt. Gregg Bell of the Naperville Police Department says that Curran had probable cause to arrest Briddle for DUI, but Bell admitted that the police department should not have provided the information to the newspaper.

The officer pulled Briddle over at about 1:30a.m. for driving under the speed limit and weaving between lanes. There was allegedly an empty wine glass and cocktail glass in the cupholders of the car. The officer said he smelled alcohol and Briddle’s eyes were glassy. Briddle claims that police never mentioned the weaving. He also says that he passed all of the field sobriety tests besides the fact that his heel touched the ground one time during a one leg stand test.

Glen Ellyn man sues Naperville, claims false DUI arrest,, July 19, 2011

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