Woman Injured After Shoved Into Jail Cell, Skokie Officer Charged

Skokie Police Officer, Michael Hart, is charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct in connection with a DUI arrest that resulted in serious injuries to a woman after she was allegedly shoved into a jail cell. According to police reports, after Cassandra Feuerstein was transported back to the station following a DUI arrest, video reportedly shows Hart pushing her into a cell and her head striking a concrete bench. Feuerstein’s head begins to bleed profusely. According to her lawyer, she broke several bones in her face and underwent facial reconstruction surgery. She previously filed a civil rights lawsuit arising out of the incident.

Cook County prosecutors said that Hart was assisting in the fingerprinting and photographing of Feuerstein. During the process, she repeatedly disregarded Hart’s commands to look at a specific location on a camera lens in order to take proper booking photos. After disobeying his final command, Hart allegedly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards an open detention cell. At the entrance, she attempted to use both hands to grasp the sides of the doorway and request another opportunity to take the photographs. At that time, the officer allegedly put both of his hands on Feuerstein’s back and pushed her forcibly into the cell. A judge set Hart’s bond at $75,000 on Wednesday. If convicted, he faces a sentence of probation up to five years in prison.

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