How long does a traffic ticket stay on your Illinois driving record?


According to the Illinois Secretary of State, tickets for moving violations such as speeding, disobeying a stop sign, disobeying a traffic control light, and improper lane usage will stay on your Illinois driving record for four to five years from the date of conviction. The Secretary of State will remove these offenses at their discretion.

Traffic tickets that result in a suspension or revocation will stay on your driving record for at least seven years from the date of license reinstatement. Convictions for alcohol and drug-related offenses (i.e. DUI) will permanently stay on your Illinois driver’s record.

Only court supervision or a dismissal will prevent a traffic ticket from showing up on your public driving record in Illinois. An attorney can often increase the chances of keeping your driving record clean. Contact The Davis Law Group, P.C. if you have received an Illinois traffic ticket.