Do I need a traffic lawyer?

One question we hear often is, “Do I need a traffic lawyer?” While you may not be required to hire a traffic lawyer if you receive an Illinois traffic ticket, having proper legal representation is beneficial for a numerous reasons.

A traffic attorney can listen to the facts of the case, review the ticket(s) that you were issued, review your prior driving record and determine the best course of action. A knowledgeable traffic attorney should be able to tell you the potential consequences of the ticket and appropriate strategy. For example, minor traffic tickets may result in a driver’s license suspension either based on your past record or simply due to the type of offense. A traffic attorney should know the precise effect a ticket may have on your driving record and driving privileges and the best way to avoid any negative consequences.

Under the right circumstances, if a legal defense exists, a traffic attorney can argue your case at trial. If the case is not appropriate for trial, an attorney may be able to negotiate a favorable agreement with the prosecutor. An attorney will typically have the ability to discuss your ticket and any mitigating circumstances with the prosecutor prior to stepping in front of a judge.

Additionally, a traffic attorney may be able to avoid the need for you to personally appear in court. If you are unable to attend court, your attorney may be able to represent you in your absence. While some judges require a legitimate basis for your absence and a signed affidavit, attorneys are often able to have their client’s appearance waived in court.

However, if you do appear with your attorney, your case will likely be called before any unrepresented defendants. As a result, a traffic lawyer can prevent you from waiting hours for your case to be heard. Traffic court is much more convenient with legal representation.

Along with a range of other benefits, a traffic attorney will simply ensure that your case is handled properly. You are much more likely to walk out of court with piece of mind that you received the best possible result.

If you are seeking legal representation in the Chicagoland area including Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County or Will County, contact the traffic lawyers at The Davis Law Group, P.C. We are professional and knowledgeable attorneys, focused on providing high-quality representation to our clients.

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