Rolling Meadows DUI Defense – Case Study

The Davis Law Group, P.C. is a law firm based in Northfield, Illinois, a short distance from the Rolling Meadows Courthouse. Our attorneys focus on criminal defense, with a concentration in DUI defense and traffic law.

Our approach to defending our clients in court combines a comprehensive understanding of Illinois criminal, DUI and traffic law and a wealth of experience in litigation and negotiation to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients. Protecting our clients’ freedom, rights and driving privileges is our ultimate goal.

Our DUI defense attorneys represent clients at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse, also known as the Third Municipal District located at 2121 Euclid Ave. One of our recent successes is outlined below.

DUI Defense Case Study – Rolling Meadows, Cook County, Illinois

This specific DUI arrest occurred in Rosemont, Illinois. Our client was facing jail time and the loss of his driver’s license after refusing to submit to drug and alcohol testing.

This case ultimately proceeded to trial in the Rolling Meadows Courthouse with attorney David Mennie of The Davis Law Group, P.C. Mr. Mennie is a former prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and, during his time as a prosecutor, spent a significant amount of time assigned to the Rolling Meadows Courthouse.

Allegations against our Client: Our 41-year-old client was allegedly seen speeding by a Rosemont police officer. After observing what the officer claimed was a strong odor of alcohol, glassy/bloodshot eyes and an admission of drinking by our client, the officer asked him to submit to testing, which he refused. He was subsequently arrested for DUI and transported to the Rosemont Police Department. 

Once at the police department the arresting police officer asked our client to take a breath test, and our client again refused. The officer then completed a document called “Notice of Statutory Suspension” indicating that our client’s driving privileges should be suspended because he refused to take the breath test. This document was sent to the Illinois Secretary of State, which started a process that would suspend our client’s driving privileges for one-year.

Outcome: We challenged the suspension of our client’s driving privileges by arguing that the officer did not have reasonable grounds to arrest our client for driving under the influence of alcohol. We were successful at the hearing, which resulted in the removal of the suspension of our client’s driving privileges. We then challenged the case at a bench trial, and our client was found not guilty. As a result of this litigation, our client avoided all criminal penalties and his driving privileges were fully restored.

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