Illegal Transportation of Alcohol

The attorneys at The Davis Law Group, P.C. provide legal representation to clients charged with Illegal Transportation of Alcohol (aka Open Alcohol or Open Container) throughout the Chicagoland area and northern Illinois.

Under Illinois law, it is illegal for any driver to transport, carry, possess or have any open alcohol container in the passenger area of any motor vehicle upon a highway in Illinois (Section 11-502 of the Illinois Vehicle Code - Transportation or Possession of Alcoholic Liquor in a Motor Vehicle). Open alcohol includes but is not limited to open beer, wine, liquor and champaign. These beverages must remain in the original container with the seal unbroken. The only exception according to the Statute is for the passenger areas of limousines, chartered buses, and motor homes or mini motor homes. This moving violation is charged as a petty offense, but can seriously impact a person's driver's license.

Illinois law subjects drivers under the age of 21 to a driver's license suspension and possible revocation by the Secretary of State for this offense. Court Supervision for Illegal Transportation of Alcohol will not prevent a license suspension. Also, the law provides that a second or a subsequent conviction for this offense within one year of a similar conviction will result in a driver's license suspension for those over the age of 21. Along with these possible license consequences, a violation of the Illinois open container law will subject a driver to high potential court costs and fines and auto insurance rate increases.

If you have a received an Illinois ticket for Transportation or Possession of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle, feel free to contact our traffic lawyers to discuss the specific events surrounding the incident. Avoiding a conviction on your driving record is our top priority and, oftentimes, these violations can be contested in court. Our lawyers practice primarily throughout Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties. Contact the attorneys at The Davis Law Group, P.C. to review your case.

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Mr. Brandon Davis, THANK YOU for everything you did! I know you are a busy man. You far exceeded our expectations! I am so glad my wife went with her "gut". God Bless you. Again, thank you Brandon. GOD BLESS.
Just wanted you to know all was completed today. Thank you very much for your efforts to allow me to obtain my driving privileges once again. This has been a stress reliever to say the least. Thank you again for your efforts and I will be sure to recommend you in the future.
K. L.
Hi Brandon, Thank you again so much for everything. You made that whole situation nearly painless. I sincerely hope I never require your services again but I will definitely recommend you to anyone who does. All the best.