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Penalties for Improper Lane Usage in Illinois

Improper Lane Usage In Illinois, the offense of Improper Lane Usage is governed by 625 ILCS 5/11-709 ("Driving on roadways laned for traffic"). The law in Illinois requires that a vehicle is driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane when a roadway has been divided into 2 or more clearly marked lanes. In addition, the driver must not move from their lane of travel until they have first ascertained that they can do so safely. 

In cases where a roadway is marked into 3 or more lanes and allows for traffic to travel in either direction, the law prohibits the use of the center lane unless it is clear and being used to overtake or pass another vehicle traveling in the same direction. The center lane may also be used in order to prepare to make a left hand turn if it is designated by lane markings for that purpose.

The law governing lane usage does not apply when one is approaching or being approached by an authorized emergency vehicle. Likewise, the law does not apply when approaching a disabled vehicle or a construction or maintenance zone.

Many times, drivers charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol are cited for improper lane usage as justification for the initial investigatory traffic stop leading to the DUI charge. Also, it is not uncommon for those involved in a traffic accident to be ticketed for improper lane usage.

Penalties for Improper Lane Usage

Improper lane usage is a petty offense that is treated as a moving violation by the Illinois Secretary of State. A conviction for improper lane usage can result in insurance increases and count toward a future suspension of your driver's license. While the maximum fine for improper lane usage is $1,000.00 plus mandatory court fees and costs, lesser amounts are typically imposed.

Depending on the circumstances, avoiding a conviction and keeping your record clean is certainly possible. If the ticket can't be dismissed or challenged at trial, you may be eligible for court supervision and/or traffic safety school.

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